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Customer Segments

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Anthem, Inc. has long recognized that one size does not fit all. The company's affiliated health and specialty plans are organized around the following customer segments:

National AccountsNational Accounts are generally multi-state employer groups primarily headquartered in an Anthem, Inc. service area with 5,000 or more eligible employees, of which at least 5% are located outside of the headquarter state.
Local Group

Local Group includes customers  with less than 5% of eligible employees located outside of the headquarter state, as well as customers with up to 5,000 eligible employees.

IndividualIndividual customers under age 65 and their covered dependents.
Medicare ProgramsMedicare-eligible individual members age 65 and over who have enrolled in Medicare Advantage, a managed care alternative for the Medicare program, or who have purchased Medicare Supplement benefit coverage.
MedicaidMembers with State-Sponsored managed care alternatives in Medicaid and State Children’s Health Insurance programs.
Federal Employee ProgramFEP members consist of United States government employees and their dependents within our geographic markets through our participation in the national contract between the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.
Blue CardBlueCard host members represent enrollees of Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield plans not owned by Anthem, Inc. who receive health care services in our BCBSA licensed markets.
Specialty Products

Anthem, Inc. affiliates offer a broad array of specialty products including, behavioral Health, Life, Disability, Dental and Vision, products which provide administrative efficiency and enhanced product value.

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