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How can I become an Anthem supplier?
Register with the Ariba Commerce Cloud.

How can I determine if my products/services are needed?
Read about Doing Business with Anthem. If Anthem does not have a current need for your services, your profile will remain active in our supplier database for one year.

Can I contact an Anthem Executive or Anthem Associate for questions or to determine when I will hear back from someone?
As a potential supplier to Anthem we will evaluate your registration after submission to determine if there is a potential match. We ask that you do not contact any Anthem executive or associate to circumvent the registration process. Any contact by a potential supplier to Anthem executives will be considered grounds for disqualification. If you have any questions please contact us at 1-805-557-5335 or

How can I contact Anthem?
  • Anthem does not provide individual contact information for our buyers. If you need assistance with the registration process, please email the Anthem Supplier Enablement team at or call us at 1-805-557-5335 (M-F, 9 am to 8 pm ET).
  • Prospective suppliers will be contacted for additional information about their company, products, or services. If Anthem is not currently seeking your offered services, your profile will remain active in our supplier database for one year.
  • Registration in the Ariba Commerce Cloud does not imply a contract or intent to purchase by Anthem, Inc.
  • Also review the Supplier Registration Process for more information.
I’m a minority-owned business; do I automatically qualify for the Supplier Diversity Program?
No, review the Supplier Diversity section for more information.

Which Supplier Diversity certifications are accepted?
Anthem’s Supplier Diversity Program recognizes the following diverse-owned business classifications:
  • Minority-owned Business Enterprises (MBE)
  • Women-owned Business Enterprises (WBE)
  • Veteran-owned Business Enterprises (VBE)
  • Service-Disabled Veteran-owned Business Enterprises (DVBE)
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) –owned Business Enterprises
  • Businesses Owned by Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

Supporting Documents

Icon - PDF (GIF)    Guidelines for Prospective Suppliers pdf (47 KB)
 Icon - PDF (GIF)    Company Policy and Procedures pdf (125 KB)
     To obtain a copy of Anthem's Supplier Travel Guidelines, please send an email to

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