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The Anthem logos, images and guidelines within this site are included to enable the media and our business partners to effectively and appropriately highlight Anthem in approved marketing or communications materials. Prior to use, Anthem’s approval must be secured by contacting Corporate Communications at for authorization.

The logos and/or images within this site cannot be used for unauthorized marketing or communications materials.

Using the logo

The Anthem, Inc. logo is made up of the logotype underscored with a horizontal rule angled on the right and includes a ® mark. The text in the logotype has been created specifically for Anthem, Inc. Never alter, recreate or add taglines to the logo. After importing the logo, always check to make sure its proportions are accurate and that it’s not distorted.

Minimum size

To preserve the clarity and integrity of the Anthem, Inc. logo, a minimum size guideline has been established to protect the detail and legibility. Avoid reducing the logo smaller than .75" or 54 pixels*. Whenever possible, the logo should be used larger than this.

* Pixel dimensions are based on a resolution of 72 dpi.

Use proper clear space

Clear space is the area surrounding the logo that must be free of any graphic elements or text. To maintain the logo’s prominence in a layout, keep images, text and other elements away from the logo. Minimum clear space is measured by the height of the “n” in the Anthem, Inc. logotype.


One-color blue (or four-color equivalent)
Whenever possible, use the one-color PMS 300 logo or its four color equivalent. This version may be applied on white or light colored backgrounds or on a light photographic background.
One-color grayscale or black
Alternative one-color logos, in grayscale or black, are also available. Both logos appear best on a white background, but can be placed on a light background if the logotype is clearly legible. Otherwise, use the reversed logo. Never change the tint of the grayscale version.
Only reverse the logo out of dark brand colors when the one-color logos would not be legible.

Download Anthem, Inc. Logos

Anthem eps  - Color
Anthem eps - Black
Anthem eps - Reversed

Anthem jpeg - Color
Anthem jpeg - Black
Anthem jpeg - Reversed
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