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Impacting Lives

Anthem, Inc. is committed to being a valuable and inclusive partner that improves lives and communities. 

Treating the whole person

Reflecting Anthem’s focus on the whole health of every consumer, our Whole Health Connection program integrates dental, vision, pharmacy, life, disability, and supplemental health plans with medical coverage designed to offset the fragmentation in today’s healthcare system. Using advanced analytics, we are able to help care providers identify and close gaps in care, lower costs, and deliver a better healthcare experience to consumers.

That means identifying potential health problems earlier, addressing critical medical concerns faster, receiving alerts when problems arise, and tracking preventive care so healthy patients stay well. For example, because optometrists can access clinical data through this innovative platform, they can help determine whether a patient’s eye condition is linked to chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or even to the medication they are taking. In 2018, eye care providers collectively identified more than 30,000 people with diabetes through eye exams thanks to Anthem's Whole Health Connection platform. And more broadly, last year Anthem was able to close more than 2 million gaps in care where consumers had not completed preventive or therapeutic dental or vision services within the recommended time frame.

By educating dental providers, we saw the number of
dental opioid prescriptions drop by 21 percent since 2016.

With this kind of integration, including relevant pharmacy interactions, care providers are connected and have access to their patients’ relevant medical data, which makes healthcare work better. When providers discover a medical concern, the information doesn’t just sit in a chart. Advanced analytics are applied to that information and used to identify appropriate clinical programs to address a patient’s needs.

Using data, technology, and artificial intelligence to improve outcomes

We're using data, technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver more personalized care that achieves better health outcomes.

Why AI? Because the explosion of information and data used to understand customer and consumer needs has exceeded the human capacity to process it. With AI, organizations can use data to help consumers be more proactive about their health while generating insights in real time to improve outcomes.

We are developing new analytical methods to identify gaps in care, understand a consumer’s propensity to develop a disease, and provide targeted solutions. These methods are based on each individual’s specific characteristics (past utilization, clinical co-morbidities, etc.), rather than on population-based studies and clinical trials. Such predictive analytics help identify unknown risks (not identified by traditional clinical analytics), break down data silos, and allow for preemptive actions that can prevent or mitigate health problems and lower the cost of care.

During 2018 predictive analytics helped to identify the opportunity for about 60 clinical programs across Anthem and enabled these programs to target the right members with the right interventions—including models that predict the likelihood of a patient having an unplanned hospital readmission in the next 60–90 days. And results have been promising: Implementation early on has led to a reduction in 30-day hospital readmission rates by 30 percent using our medical/surgical model and 15 percent using our behavioral health/substance abuse model.

Another predictive model identifies the 15 percent of avoidable hospital admissions related to chemotherapy that can be circumvented by helping consumers better manage challenging side effects. Providers can now identify these patients and help them avoid hospitalization.

Associates & the community

Associates who are deeply engaged in their communities are what sets Anthem apart. They understand and advocate for their communities, create personal connections with the right resources to support them, and develop a shared purpose to improve outcomes and alleviate their most pressing health issues.

In 2018, Anthem associates contributed tens of thousands of hours to initiatives in their communities, with Anthem allowing them up to eight hours of paid time to volunteer at qualified charities. Associates can also earn financial rewards for volunteering that can be directed to nonprofits of their choice.

While volunteerism is promoted year round, Anthem Volunteer Days is considered our annual “season of service,” a way in which associates build a healthier future by working to address the needs of the communities where they work and live. During the seven-week campaign in 2018, the initiative helped charitable organizations in 30 cities across the country. More than 2,000 associates donated more than 76,000 volunteer hours to support 93 projects—from building community vegetable gardens and community revitalization projects to creating more than 12,700 hygiene kits for people in need, sorting over 83,000 pounds of food and serving more than 9,000 meals at local food banks. 
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