Collaborating with employers for better health

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Collaborating with employers for better health

Dr. Diana Han, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director, Global Health for GE Appliances, a Haier company, with Anthem partner Jason Scherzinger

We are working hand-in-hand with our employer customers to reimagine healthcare to be more personalized and to build a healthier, more productive workforce.

Brad Kirkpatrick, Chief Client Officer, Central/West, Anthem National Accounts

Anthem works alongside employer customers, such as GE Appliances, to tailor innovative, high-impact plans that are built around each employer’s unique needs and expectations. As a result, consumers can navigate the health system in ways that work for them, moving well beyond the old models of population health that lack personalization and coordination.

This calls for a considerable investment in people, tools and technology, and Anthem’s Total Health, Total You (THTY) program is the culmination of this effort. THTY is an advocacy care program designed to manage consumer health needs holistically, using the most advanced technology to integrate clinical, behavioral, financial and social factors.

Dr. Diana Han, GE Appliances

“We want our employees to have access to the care and advice they need, when they need it,” said Diana Han, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director, Global Health for GE Appliances, a Haier company. “We are leveraging Anthem’s capabilities to support our employees and their families – answering questions, proactively identifying opportunities to improve health, and offering advice that comes at the right time.”

A customer-centric view of health promotion

Adoption of the THTY solution has steadily grown, which has made personalized health advocacy available to more than 30 customers and two million consumers since its introduction in 2018.

The crux of the program is helping people identify and implement a personalized plan to improve their health – a digital-first solution that includes concierge customer service. Supported by artificial intelligence, customer service interactions are based on predictive modeling that can quickly provide relevant information to consumers through active voice or chat communications, which motivates them to strive for better health.

An analysis of results across Anthem’s THTY employer customers found that the program is helping to identify risk and prevent costly emergency and acute care, based on the program’s success in providing personal support.

Improving outcomes1:

fewer avoidable emergency room visits
fewer inpatient hospital admissions

Preventing issues before they occur1

more consumers identified as high risk for hospitalization
+5 mo.
faster identification of emerging chronic conditions
more consumers identified with diabetes, resulting in more timely interventions to prevent complications

In addition to THTY, Anthem is finding new ways to work with national employer customers who are motivated and ready to offer employees a new way to engage with health benefits. By partnering with select employers and learning about their needs, Anthem is able to design and pilot programs that will change employer-sponsored healthcare for the better.

“When we collaborate on the ground floor with our employer customers, we are able to realize the next generation of health and healthcare solutions – and create a future together that works,” says Brad Kirkpatrick, Chief Client Officer, Central/West at Anthem National Accounts.

1. For more detail on methodology and results, please see our Total Health, Total You white paper.