Pioneering tomorrow's healthcare

Providing affordable high-quality care for our customers

With healthcare costs continuing to climb year after year, employers are asking for new ways to improve quality and achieve savings without having to push additional cost sharing on to their employees.

Both nationally and locally, we are delivering – continually innovating to provide the most affordable, high-quality care as we simplify the process.

Simplifying care, reducing costs

Given the increasing complexity of the U.S. health system, we knew more had to be done to disrupt the traditional fee-for-service model, which rewards providers for the quantity of patients they treat and services they provide, not for patient outcomes. Building on our already leading position in this transition, where more than 61% of Anthem’s total healthcare reimbursement is tied to value-based contracts, we set out with our Blue partners to spark a new era in value-based care.

Along with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and fellow Blue plans, we launched the nation’s largest High Performance Network (HPN). The Blue HPN guides more consumers to providers who are committed to affordability and quality and who agree to be accountable for their care services. The ultimate objective: high-quality service, improved outcomes, and reduced costs for our employer customers.

“Blue HPN represents an exciting direction for our customers and consumers,” said Paul Marchetti, Anthem’s Senior Vice President of Healthcare Management. “It not only delivers quality care at a lower cost right now, but it accelerates an industry-wide shift toward better outcomes and value by collaborating with providers to drive performance improvements and cost savings in their practices.”

Starting in January 2021, Blue HPN will be available in 57 major markets in the U.S., which have a combined population of more than 185 million people.

On average, Blue HPN achieves 11% total cost of care savings versus BlueCard PPO; and in some markets, savings reach 20%.

In just one year, 50 employers across the Blue system have elected to offer Blue HPN to their employees, one of which is Woodward, Inc., a major manufacturing company based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

We believe in the power of value-based care and are excited to be implementing it in Colorado. This is a system that provides a clear focus on both quality and cost – both critically important for our dedicated employees – and will lead to a better healthcare experience.

Paul Benson
Chief Human Resources Officer, Woodward, Inc.

Easing the burden for cancer patients

Dr. Manish Oza, Vice President of Product and Account Management, knows something about improving and simplifying healthcare. Dr. Oza practices emergency medicine on weekends at a hospital in Baltimore. After treating a cancer patient who had spent hours in the ER waiting to be seen, he was able to quickly diagnose the patient with a case of shingles. He knew there was an opportunity to care for cancer patients by leveraging virtual options rather than exposing them to long wait times and other potentially contagious patients.

Doctor wearing a face mask and a white lab coat standing in front of ambulances holding a note pad

Dr. Manish Oza outside of the emergency room where he was inspired to create the Concierge Cancer Care program

“Through compassionate care and more effective use of technology, some complications that may occur during chemotherapy – like shingles – can be diagnosed and treated while the patient remains safely at home,” Dr. Oza explained.

Inspired to help save cancer patients from needless and costly burdens, Dr. Oza led Anthem to develop its award-winning Concierge Cancer Care (C3) Program, which was fully launched in 2020 to associates and offered to National Accounts customers.

Drawing on artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze data, the program helps patients through each step of their cancer treatment, providing personalized support and resources, starting with a virtual second opinion. Patients can see a physician from the comfort of their home and, using such technology advances as handheld exam kits, be examined virtually and share their vital signs at any time. The program also matches members to centers of excellence with clinical trials while making sure they don’t have to worry about the costs of transportation and lodging, which can be a barrier for many. The program is designed to help patients focus on what matters most – their health and recovery.

This unique program has more than tripled its reach since its launch in 2020 and is already available to nearly 900,000 members.

When Kroger, America’s largest supermarket chain, had asked for an enhanced oncology program, they agreed to pilot C3, which has been an immediate success. “We wanted to provide a more comprehensive support program for our employees with cancer, and it’s been a huge help to them,” said Theresa Monti, Vice President of Total Rewards at Kroger. “The process is streamlined so instead of wrestling with forms and details, they can just concentrate on their health, which is so important when you’re struggling with cancer. This is what personalized healthcare should look like going forward.”

“When I’m in the emergency room, I can help one person at a time; but at Anthem, we have the opportunity to improve millions of lives,” said Dr. Oza.
In 2020, Anthem joined the UN Global Compact and committed to make an impact against relevant Sustainable Development Goals. Goals represented in this story include:
Number 3 is Good Health and Well-Being

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