Fostering an inclusive and productive workforce

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Fostering an inclusive and productive workforce

Jonathan Kratchman, a former Lex Frieden intern, speaking with teammate Winnie Chi, director of HealthCore Research

By fostering diversity and building it into Anthem’s DNA, we enhance our success as a company and positively impact society. Living our values in this way supports Anthem’s strong innovation and growth strategy.

Elizabeth Tallett, Chair of the Board of Directors, Anthem

Anthem’s inclusive culture has been essential for serving a diverse population and for attracting talent from an array of backgrounds. Our commitment to inclusion and diversity, reflected in our Mission, Vision and Values, begins with our Board of Directors, of which 40% are women and 40% are people from ethnic minorities.

Having leaders and decision makers who represent the people in our communities is important for our success. Notably, two women are at the helm of Anthem – President and CEO Gail Boudreaux and Board Chair Elizabeth Tallett. Across our workforce, 76 percent are women and 49 percent are minorities.

“We believe diversity propels growth,” says Kim Drumgo, Anthem’s Chief Diversity Officer. “The diverse insights, perspectives and experiences of our associates are essential in helping us better serve all of our consumers and customers with appropriate, innovative solutions to meet their unique needs. We want each associate to know they are valued and respected at Anthem and that’s why we nurture a culture of inclusiveness and belonging.”

A diverse and inclusive workforce is a stronger workforce:*

Women in EVP+ Roles
Women in the associate population
Associates who believe “People of all backgrounds can succeed at Anthem”**
Ethnic minorities in the associate population
Participation in ARGs

* See here for more detail on Anthem’s workforce

** See here for more detail on Anthem’s culture

Strengthening a culture of inclusion

Our strong leadership commitment and a variety of programs have strengthened inclusion and diversity at Anthem, including unconscious bias training for all leaders. This training program raises awareness and, most importantly, offers practical strategies and management processes to minimize bias and promote more objective decision-making.

Associates Resources Groups (ARGs) have also played a central role in this effort. More than 11,000 associates participate in at least one of Anthem’s nine ARGs, bringing cultural insights to business initiatives and cultivating professional development opportunities and deep ties with our communities.

“I’ve collaborated with many great colleagues and leaders in my experience in ARGs and have learned about areas of the business I wouldn’t normally have exposure to,” says Roxanne Baragaño, a leader in SOMOS, the Hispanic/Latino ARG. “ARGs make us feel more connected and unified behind our mission, and make it easier for associates to learn from each other. Together, we can contribute to our business initiatives with unique cultural insight, create meaningful opportunities for community involvement and develop experiences to grow personally and professionally. I can see the impact ARGs continue to have on the associate experience and the way we work.”

Members of Anthem's Women's Inspired Network ARG on national Wear Red Day, coming together to raise awareness about women's heart health

Employing people with disabilities is another component of our diversity strategy, which ensures we build a robust pipeline reflecting the communities we serve. In addition to the leadership of ABLE, our disability inclusion ARG, Anthem delivers training programs to raise awareness and educate managers and associates about the benefits of disability inclusion and how to build a cultural and physical environment in which all associates can thrive.

Creating tomorrow’s diverse workforce

For the last two years, we have welcomed interns with disabilities through the Lex Frieden Internship, named after a revered disability rights pioneer. This unique, 10-12 week internship employs graduate and undergraduate students with disabilities to bolster their work experience, career development opportunities and personal growth. Interns are paired with a mentor, have weekly development calls, and learn how to navigate a corporate environment. The curriculum emphasizes personal branding, career planning, and soft skills that are critical for business effectiveness.

Jonathan Kratchman, from intern to associate

“Because of the Lex Frieden internship, I have gained amazing professional experience to do the work I am more than capable of doing,” says Jonathan Kratchman, a former intern and current associate at Anthem. “It’s changed my life for the better. I’ve met so many people and have gained so many great mentors that help guide me in my career.”

Anthem’s commitment to inclusion and diversity enables us to infuse new thinking, deeper insights and broader perspectives into everything we do to meet a shared purpose.